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  • Delivered within 48 hours!

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  • Delivered within 5 days!

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  • Delivered within 7 days!

  • ✅ Worldwide Users
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Cloud Hosting

$29.99 /Month


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  • Delivered within 10 days!

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$190 /

  • Delivered within 28 days!

  • ✅ Worldwide Users
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Cloud Hosting

$29.99 /Month

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Buy Facebook Website Shares

Looking to buy Facebook Website Shares? In today's digital era, a website is now a necessity for a business, big or small. If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are losing a number of great opportunities. But, since you’re here, you probably already have a website and are looking for a way to get people to pay attention to your business and generate traffic.

So, let’s just get to the point. What are the advantages of website likes and shares?

Getting website likes and shares from real people on each page on your website it’s very important for ensuring your business’s visibility and credibility. How does it work? 

When a user is logged in on Facebook and they visit your website, they can click the share button that you have embedded on your Webpage. This counts as a share, which posts the URL to their Facebook feed so their friends can see it. 

The high number of Facebook shares will effectively influence public opinion, while giving your business the exposure it needs. They will give the impression that your company is successful and providing value, which is great for social proof.

Along with enhanced credibility and popularity, there is also a great chance that website shares can improve your search ranking! This is mainly because of the obvious correlation between high quality sites and a large number of social media likes/shares (also known as social signals). 

So go ahead, select your package above and make your website get the social media attention it needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

It usually takes us 24 hours to set up and start the promotional campaign. Once we finish setting up the campaign, we’ll start delivering the service. If you’d like your order to be delivered over a specific time-frame, please contact us to inquire about the drip feed options for the package you want to order.

We have specified the delivery time-frame for each service in the package details.

Yes. Simply add the URLs in the order details field in the checkout page and specify the amount. Please note that the minimum amount per URL is 100 shares per page.

All our packages include drip feed delivery to maximize the results of social signals.

It is guaranteed that there will be no drops in shares. They come from real users and will remain stable over time.

We provide discounts for bulk orders. Please reach out to us through our contact page with your goals, and we’ll give you a quote with your discount applied.

Frequently asked questions

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